Clan Campbell of Argyll

descended from Pictish tribes of Strathclyde; the name first appeared in records when Gillespie Campbell acquired a grant of land in 1263; he had married the heiress of O’Dune and inherited from her the Lordship of Loch Awe and initially the Campbells were Clan O’Duine, later called Clan Diarmid. Their first seat was Innischonnel Castle on Loch Awe. In 1296 Sir Cailen Mor Campbell was killed by the Macdougals, Lords of Lorne and from then on all Campbell chiefs are known as Mac Cailein Mor.

Arms: Gyronny of eight or and sable.

Crest: A boar’s head feassways erased or, armed argent, langued gules.

Motto: Ne obliviscaris (Do not forget)

Campbell of Loudoun

Ayrshire, Scotland, hereditary sheriffs of Ayr, Created Lord Campbell, of Loudoun, 1601, the heiress married her kinsman Sir John Campbell of Lawers, and he was created Earl of Loudoun in 1632.

Arms: Gyronny of eight ermine and gules.

Crest: An eagle with two necks displayed gules, in a flame of fire proper.

Motto: I byde my tyme.

Campbell of Cawdor

Cawdor, Scotland, 1672

Arms: Quarterly, 1st, argent a hart’s head cabossed sable attired gules; 2nd, a gyronny of eight or and sable; 3rd, argent, a lymphad her sails furled and oars in action all sable; 4th, or on a fesse azure three buckles of the field.

Crest: A swan proper crowned or.

Motto: Be Mindful.

Campbell of Breadlebane

Earl and Marquess of Breadalbane, Scotland.

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th gyronny of eight or and sable, 2nd or, a fesse chequy argent and azure, 3rd argent, a lymphad her sails furled and oars in action all sable.

Supporters: two stags proper attired and unguled or.

Motto: Follow me.

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