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What's In a Name? Your Link to the Past
By Paul Blake
1.Before surnames
2.Local names
5.Baptismal names
6.Find out more

Find out more


First Name Variants by A Bardsley (Federation of Family History Societies, 2003)

Homes of Family Names in Great Britain by HB Guppy (Clearfield, 1996)

The Oxford Names Companion by P Hanks (OUP, 2002)

Family Names and Family History by D Hey (Hambledon and London, 2000)

Dictionary of First Names by D Pickering (Penguin, 1999)

The Origin of English Surnames by PH Reaney (Routledge, 1967)

A Dictionary of English Surnames by PH Reaney (OUP, 1997)

Surnames in Genealogy: A New Approach by G Redmonds (Federation of Family History Societies, 2002)

Searching for Surnames by J Titford (Countryside Books, 2002)

About the author
Paul Blake is a professional genealogy and local-history lecturer. A regular contributor to the Family-History press, he is also joint author, with Audrey Collins, of Who was your Granny's Granny? (Foulsham, 2003). He is a past chairman of the Society of Genealogists, and currently serves on the executive committee of the Federation of Family History Societies.

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