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Clan Urquhart

Clan Urquhart or Urchard
Clan Urquhart Clan Crest

Septs of Clan Urquhart (what is a sept?)
The current chief recognises all who bear the surname Cromarty, who believe they have a connection with the clan, as potential members of Clan Urquhart. Also:
Orcutt, Urcharde, Urchart, Urghad, Urquart, Urquhart, Urquhat.

Clan Badge: A mermaid proper tail-part gules, crined or and holding a harp also or.
Motto: Mean, speak and do well

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Clan Urquhart

Clan Urquhart History:
Origins of the Name: The name Urquhart is believed to be of gaelic origin. It has been translated as "by a rowan wood" and "fort on a knoll". The Urquhart family derive their name from the district of Urquhart which can be found in the old locality of Cromarty, on the north side of the Great Glen.

15th Century: Wiland Chisholm of Clan Chisholm and Sir Alexander MacDonald of Glengarry were with Sir Donald MacDonald of Lochalsh on his return from the Battle of Flodden Field when he decided to invade the Clan Urquhart. Some sources say that Macdonald occupied Urquhart Castle for three years despite the efforts of Clan Grant to dislodge them.

16th Century & Anglo Scottish Wars: During the Anglo-Scottish Wars the Clan Urquhart fought at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh in 1547.


17th Century & Civil War: Inverness 1649, During the Civil War the Clan Munro and Clan Fraser again took Inverness Castle. This time they were also joined by Clan Urquhart and Clan MacKenzie who they had recently made peace with. They were all opposed to the authority of the current parliament. They assaulted the town and took the castle. They then expelled the garrison and raised the fortifications. However on the approach of the parliamentry forces led by General Leslie all of the clans retreated back into Ross-shire. During the year several skirmishes took place between these parties. The Clan Urquhart fought at the Battle of Worcester in 1651 where the Chief Sir Thomas Urquhart was taken prisoner. During his captivity at the Tower of London he published several books. In 1662 he returned to Scotland on parole to find that his estate had been ruined and pilaged

Current Clan Chief: Kenneth Trist Urquhart of Urquhart, 27th Chief of Clan Urquhart.

Clan Urquhart Arms
Arms: Or, three boars' heads erased, gules, armed proper and langued azure.
Crest: Issuant from a crest coronet or, a naked woman from the waist upwards proper, holding in her dexter hand a sword azure, hilted and pommelled gules, and in her sinister hand a palm sapling vert.
Motto: Mean, speak and do well

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Clan Standard:
The Arms in the hoist and of two tracts Gules and Or, upon which is depicted the Crest in the first compartment, the Badge in the second and third compartments, and in the fourth compartment a spray of wallflower Proper, flowered Or of four petals, along with the Motto ‘Meane weil speak weil and doe weil’ in letters Or upon three transverse bands Azure

Origins of the Name:

Urquhart tartan
Clan Urquhart Tartan

Clan Seat, Lands and Castles:
Urquhart Castle sits beside Loch Ness. Another important Urquhart castle is Craigston Castle in Aberdeenshire, and the present-day Cromarty House on the hill above the Black Isle town of Cromarty was built from the stone and timbers of the former Urquhart stronghold of Cromarty Castle. The current seat of the Chief of Clan Urquhart is the ruined Castle Craig, a 15th-century tower originally occupied by the Urquharts of Braelangwell and Newhall that overlooks the Cromarty Firth from the north shore of the Black Isle.

Warcry: Trust and go forward
Plant Badge: Native Wallflower, Cheiranthus
Pipe Music:

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What is a Sept
In Scotland, a sept is often a family that is absorbed into a larger Scottish clan for mutual benefit. For example, the Burns family sept was absorbed into the Clan Campbell. The Burns family, being very small and of questionable heritage, gained legitimacy and protection; the Campbell clan absorbed a potential rival for British affection in Scotland. Each Scottish clan typically has a number of septs, each with its own surname. Septs have rights to wear clan tartans although they often have tartans of their own.

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