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Clan Leslie
(Gaelic Name: Mac an Fheisdeir)

Clan Leslie Clan Crest Septs of Clan Leslie
(don't know what a sept is?)
Abernethy, Bartholomew, Cairney, Laing, Leslie, Lesley, Lessely, Lessley, Lesslie, More

Origin of the Name:

Badge:A demi griffon.
Motto:Grip Fast
Motto Translation:N/A

History of Clan Leslie
The family name comes from the Leslie lands of Aberdeenshire and was to become famous in Germany, Poland, France and Russia. A Hungarian (or more likely by onomastics and typical of the times as well as later Leslie history, a Kievan of Varangian origins) nobleman, named Bartholomew arrived in the retinue of Agatha, wife of Edward the Exile. Bartholomew became Chamberlain to Saint Margaret of Scotland. Bartholomew later married Malcolm III sister, Princess Beatrix of Scotland. His brother inlaw Malcolm III made him Governor of Edinburgh Castle.

Sir Andrew de Lesly was one of the signatories when a letter, the Declaration of Arbroath, was sent to the Pope in 1320 asserting Scotland’s independence. His son Walter died at the Battle of Harlaw in 1411.

Current Clan Chief: N/A

Clan Leslie Arms:

Clan Seat/Lands:Aberdeenshire
Clan Homes:
Plant Badge:
Pipe Music:

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What is a sept?
In Scotland, a sept is a family that is absorbed into a larger Scottish clan for mutual benefit. For example, the Burns family sept was absorbed into the Clan Campbell. The Burns family, being very small and of questionable heritage, gained legitimacy and protection; the Campbell clan absorbed a potential rival for British affection in Scotland. Each Scottish clan typically has a number of septs, each with its own surname. Septs have rights to wear clan tartans and display the clan crest (badge at the top of this page) although they often have tartans of their own.


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