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Norman and Cambro-Norman Surnames of Ireland


Surname - Early County Origin - Other Origins and Forms

Archbold - Wicklow - Anglo-Norman
Archdeacon - Kilkenny - Norman, le Ercedekne, later Mac Ó Oda
Archer - Dublin, Kilkenny - Norman, le Archer
Athy - Kildare, Galway - Norman (Cambro, Anglo?)
Ayl(e)ward - Waterford, Kilkenny - Anglo-Norman
Babe - Louth - Anglo-Norman, le Babbe
Baldwin - Waterford - German-Flemish, Baldwyn
Balf(f)e - Meath - Anglo-Norman, balbh
Barbour - Dublin, Cork - Norman-French, barbier
Barnewall - Dublin, Meath - Norman, de Barneville
Barrett - Cork, Mayo - Cambro-Norman, Baroid or Bairéad
Barron - Waterford - Cambro-Norman, Fitzgerald derivative
Barry - Cork - Norman, de Barri
Beamish - Cork, Kerry - Norman-French, place-name Beaumais
Begg(s) - Antrim - Anglo-Norman (also a Scottish name)
Bellew - Louth, Meath - Norman, de Bel Eau (Beleawe)
Belton - Dublin - Anglo-Norman, de Welton
Bermingham - Offaly, Galway - Norman, de Bermingham
Berrill - Louth
Blake - Galway - Welsh - Caddell; one of 'Tribes of Galway'
Blanchfield - Kilkenny - Norman-French, de Blancheville
Bluett - Cork, Limerick
Bodkin - Galway - Anglo-Norman, Geraldine derivation (baudekin)
Bonfield - Clare, Limerick - Anglo-Norman, de Bonneville
Brannagh - Kilkenny, Wexford, Waterford - Welsh, Breathnach
Brett - Dublin - Anglo-Norman, possibly le Bret (e.g. Milo le Bret)
Broe - Leinster - Norman, de Berewa and de Bruth
Broy - Kilkenny - Norman, de Broy
Browne - Galway - Norman, le Brun (Brunach)
Bryan - Klikenny, Wexford - Anglo-Norman, personal name Brian
Burke - Galway, Mayo - Norman, de Burgo
Burnell - Dublin, Meath - Anglo-Norman, le Brun
Bury - Wicklow - Norman, de Bury
Busher - Waterford, Wexford - Norman-Flemish, Bouchier
Butler - Kilkenny, Tipperary - Norman, Fitzwalter (de Botiller)
Cadogan - Cork - Cambro, a Welsh forename (Cadwgan)
Campion - Kilkenny, Laois - Norman, de Champagnes (Champaynes)
Cantillon - Kerry - Norman, de Cauntelo
Cantwell - Kilkenny - Anglo-Norman, de Kentenall or de Kentwell
Carbery - Kildare - Norman (not the early lords of Carbury)
Carew - Cork, Tipperary - Cambro-Norman, de Carron or de Curio
Cashell - Louth - Anglo-Nomran, de Cashel
Chambers - Mayo - Anglo-Norman, de la Chambre
Clare, Clear - Kilkenny, Wexford - Norman, de Clare
Cody - Kilkenny, Wexford - Norman, Mac Ó Oda (see Archdeacon)
Cogan - Cork - Morman, de Cogan
Collier - Dublin, 14th century - Anglo-Norman, le Collier
Comyn - Dublin, Clare - Anglo-Norman, de Comines (also Scottish)
Comerford - Kilkenny, Waterford - Anglo, village in Staffordshire
Condon - Cork - Anglo-Norman, Caunteton
(Mac)Costello(e) Mayo - Norman, Mac Oisdealbh (son of Gilebrt de Nangle)
Courcy - Cork - Anglo-Norman, de Courcy
Croker - Kilkenny - Anglo-Norman, le Crocker
Cruise - Dublin, Meath - Anglo-Norman, de Cruys
Cullen - Wexford - Norman-Flemish
Cusack - Clare - Norman-Flemish, de Cussac
Cussen - Cork, Tipperary - Norman
Dalton - Clare, Meath - Anglo-Norman, D'Alton
Darcy - Meath - Anglo-Norman, D'Arcy
Dardis - Meath, Westmeath - Norman, D'Ardis
Daton - Kilkenny - Anglo-Norman, D'Auton
Day - Wexford - de Haye
Deane - Dublin, Kilkenny - de Denne
Delamer - Dublin - de la Mare
Denvir - Down - D'Anver of Norfolk
Devereux - Wexford - Norman, d'Evreux
Dillon - Westmeath - Anglo-Norman, Viscounts de Lion of Brittany
Dondon - Limerick - de Auno
Dowdall - Dublin - Anglo-Norman, Dovedale
Elvery - Kilkenny, Carlow - Anglo, Albrey?
Erley - Kilkenny, Tipperary - d'Erley
Esmonde - Wexford
Eustace - Kildare - Anglo-Norman
Everard - Meath, Tipperary - Anglo-Norman
Fagan - Dublin, Meath - Norman (Faodhagain in Gaelic)
Fallas - Fermanagh - Norman, de Falaise, town in Normandy
Fannin(g) - Limerick, Tipperary - Norman, personal name Panin
Fitzelle - Kerry - Norman
Fitzgerald - Cork, Kildare - Cambro-Norman, Gerald of Windsor
Fitzgibbon - Mayo - Norman, MacGibbon Burke
Fitzgibbon - Limerick - Cambro-Norman, The White Knight (FitzGerald)
Fitzhenry - Wexford
Fitzmaurice - Kerry - Cambro-Norman, Morrisey (FitzGerald)
Fitzmaurice - Mayo - Cambro-Norman, branch of Prendergast
Fitzsimmons - Cavan, Down, Mayo - Norman, Fitzsimon
Fitzstephens - Cork - Cambro-Norman, Robert FitzStephen
Flavelle - Armagh
Fleming - Meath - Flemish, Lord Slane
Forrestal - Kilkenny, Wexford - Anglo-Norman, le Forstal
Francis - Galway
Frizell - Cork, Limerick - Norman, le Frisel (of Friesland)
French - Wexford, Galway - Norman, de French
Freyne - Kilkenny - Norman, de la Freigne
Furlong - Wexford - Anglo, meaning a field or stadium
Ganter - Dublin
Garland, Gernon - Louth, Meath - Anglo-Norman, Roger de Gernon
Goold - Dublin, Cork
Gorham - Kerry
Goulding - Dublin, Cork - e.g. Nicholas Goldinges (1314)
Grace - Kilkenny - Cambro-Norman, Raymond le Gros
Granville - Kerry
Grennon - Meath - Norman, Robert de Grenan
Griffin - Kilkenny - Welsh, (also an Gaelic-Irish surname)
Griffith - Kilkenny - Welsh, Rhys ap Griffith (Gryffyd)
Hackett - Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny - Norman, personal name
Hayden or Headon - Dublin, Wexford - Norman, de Heddon
Hayes or Hay - Wexford - Norman, de la Haye
Herbert - Kerry
Hollywood - Dublin
Hore - Wexford - Anglo-Norman, le Hore
Howlin, Holden - Kilkenny - Welsh, Huolyn
Hussey - Meath, Kerry - Norman, de Hose and de Hosey
Jordan - Mayo, Clare - Norman, Jordan d'Exeter (Mac Siurtain)
Joyce - Galway, Mayo - Welsh, de Jorse
Keating - Wexford, Kilkenny, Waterford - Cambro-Norman, Cethyn
Kennefick - Dublin, Louth, Kilkenny, Cork - Welsh place name
Kiersey - Waterford
Lacy - Meath, Limerick - Anglo-Norman, de Lacy
Laffan - Wexford, Tipperary - Anglo-Norman, La Font or La Fin
Lambert - Wexford, Galway - Norman
Landy - Kilkenny, Tipperary - Norman, de la Launde
Lawless - Dublin, Galway - Anglo-Norman, Old English word laghles
Liston - Limerick - de Lexinton
Logan - Ulster - Norman, de Logan (also a Gaelic name)
Lucey - Cork - Norman, de Lucy
Lynch - Galway - de Lench
Lyons - Meath - Norman, de Leon or de Lyons (also a Gaelic name)
MacAndrew - Mayo - Norman, branch of the Barretts
MacCabe - Co Cavan - Scottish gallowglasses, 14th century
MacElligot - Kerry - Cambro-Norman, FitzElias (also Gaelic?)
MacHale - Mayo - Welsh, personal name Howell (also a Gaelic name)
MacQuillan - Antrim - Norman-Welsh, Lords of the Route, Hugelin
Mandeville - Tipperary - Norman, de Magna Villa
Mansfield - Waterford - de Mandeville
Marmion or Merriman - Dublin - Norman, Marmyoun
Marshall - Wexford - Mareschal
Maunsell - Tipperary, Limerick - Anglo-Norman, le mansel
Meere - Meath - Norman?, de la Mere (also Gaelic)
Merrick - Connacht - Welsh, Mac Mibhric (also an English name)
Meyler - Wexford - Cambro-Norman, Meyler FitzHenry
Mockler - Tipperary - Norman, Malcierc (Beauclerc)
Molyneux - Kerry, Ulster
Montagne - Armagh, Tyrone - de Montaigne
Morris - Galway - Norman, de Marries (de Marisco)
Morrissey - Waterford, Limerick, Cork - Norman, de Marisco
Mortimer - Meath - Norman
Montmorency - - de Monte Marisco (see Morris)
Mountain - Waterford - de la Montagne
Nangle or Nagle - Meath, Cork - d'Angulos (see Costelloe)
Neville - Wexford, Kilkenny - Norman, de Neville
Noble - Fermanagh - le Noble
Nugent - Cork, Westmeath - de Nogent
Oliver - Louth
Palmer - Kerry, Meath - Norman, old-French le paumer
Pender - see Prendergast
Pentony - Meath, Louth, Dublin
Peppard - Louth - Norman, de Pipard
Plunkett - Louth, Meath - Anglo-Norman, corruption of blanchet
Power - Waterford - Anglo-Norman, le Poer
Prendergast - Waterford, Mayo - Anglo-Norman, village in Pembrokeshire
Prior - Dublin, Limerick - Norman
Proud - Ormond
Punch - Kildare, Dublin - Norman, forename Poncius (Ponce)
Purcell - Tipperary, Kilkenny - Norman-French word porcel
Quilter - Kerry - le Cuilter
Redmond - Wexford - Norman, Alexander Raymond
Rice - Limerick, Kerry - Welsh, Rhys (also a Irish-Gaelic name)
Roberts or Rochford - Cork... - de Ridelsford
Roche - Wexford, Cork - Norman-Flemish, de la Roche (fitzGodebert)
Rochfort - Westmeath - Norman, de Rupefort
Rossiter - Wexford - Anglo-Norman
Russell - Down - Anglo-Norman (also an English name)
Sarsfield - Cork - Norman?, de Sharisfeld
Scriven - Dublin, Cork
Shortall - Kilkenny
Sinnott - Wexford, Kildare - Norman-Flemish
St Leger - Waterford, Cork
Savage - Down, Kilkenny
Scales - Limerick, Clare - Anglo-Norman
Scurlock - Wexford
Shinnors - Tipperary, Limerick - Anglo-Norman
Stackpoole - Clare, Dublin
Stapleton - Kilkenny, Tipperary
Staunton - Mayo - Anglo-Norman - Mac an Bhileadha (MacEvilly)
Taaffe - Louth, Sligo - Welsh, personal name David
Talbot - Dublin
Teeling - Meath
Tobin - Tipperary, Kilkenny - French-Norman, de St. Aubyn
Tuite - Meath, Westmeath - French-Norman, de Tiúit
Tyrrell - Westmeath
Ussher - Dublin - Norman, Nevill family
Veale - Waterford
Viniter - Munster - le Vineter
Wade - Waterford
Wall - Limerick, Waterford - Norman, du Val or de Wale or de Valle
Walsh - Kilkenny, Wexford - Breathnach (Breton), often denotes a Welsh origin
Warren - Dublin - Anglo-Norman, de la Varenne or de Warenne
Waring - Meath, Kilkenny, Down - Guarin
White - Limerick - le Blund
Woulfe - Kildare, Limerick, - Norman, le Woulf
Wyse - Waterford - le Wyse

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Sweden: Slaktvapen, Heraldik
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